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Go beyond the basics with Vision's Electives training bundles! Build a more engaging and meaningful training experience for your learners. Whether you're training for advanced leadership, enhanced sales skills, or tax credit compliance, the Electives bundles help you build the perfect training program.

Every company has a unique structure, and its training needs are no less unique. We've developed the Electives bundles to help you build a more effective and valuable online training program. You can add course bundles that upskill safety, maintenance, and reputation management. As your business grows and changes, your training setup can be as flexible as you need.

Browse through the categories below for more details. Each category will display the related courses with full descriptions and course lengths.

Basic Maintenance Series
Learn the basics of HVAC, plumbing, and electrical to service and protect your company’s physical assets.
Battling Bed Bugs
Learn how to identify these pests, along with prevention, remediation, and how to handle residents' questions.
Compliance Plus
Go beyond simple compliance with more advanced training on regulatory topics that affect your business.
Cybersecurity Series
Ensure your teams are an effective first line of defense while working with data that criminals want to get their hands on.
Entrata Application Training
Grace Hill and Entrata have integrated their industry-leading platforms allowing mutual clients to take advantage of single sign-on (SSO) to empower learners with convenient access to innovative learning and management resources.
HD Supply
HD Supply Facilities Maintenance is a leading supplier of maintenance, repair, operations (MRO), and property marketing products.
Interplay Learning
Interplay Learning provides content designed to get maintenance workers job-ready faster. Their area of focus is in immersive skilled trades training.
Leadership Development
Build your talent bench for the next wave of leaders and help current leaders advance their skills.
Maintenance and Resident Experience
Help your maintenance team understand the special role they play in the overall resident experience.
Reputation Management Series
Train everyone on your team to help manage your online reputation.
Risk Management Series
Prepare for the unexpected to protect your people and properties.
Safety Series
Help your service teams stay safe on the job with our property management-specific safety series.
Sales Performance Improvement and Coaching Series
This series, provided by D2 Demand, guides leasing professionals through a research-based, intuitive, and authentic sales pipeline model that puts the prospect at the center of everything, moving away from the “always be closing” mentality to one that focuses on “always be helping.”
Tax Credit Essentials
Demystify complicated tax credit program rules to ensure your properties stay in compliance.